The Online Fix Club

How-to Mojo in online tools & tactics  For Business DIY'ers

All the right kind of how-to's to get you started straight away.

The Online Fix Club, is just for DIY Business Owners, that gives you the hands-on how-to training fort the online tools and tactics you need to make online bring in the money for your business. 

You're building your business and you need to work out how to do stuff … email, website, messenger, social media, paid advertising, search basics, images and video and so much more. 

You need the basics up and running – and you just need to know how to make them work and bring it all together for your business online.

The Online Fix Club is a dedicated training site that will: 

  1. Walk you through how to use the online tools and tactics that you need for your business - all in one place 
  2. Show you how to BEST use them for your business – good is ok, great is better(!!) and that's what we aim to do by giving you lots of examples and strategy on how to apply online to your business using these tools
  3. Constantly updated training and new training as the online space moves and changes, so you don't have to worry about keeping up - we'll make sure you are in the loop with what you need to know from a practical perspective
  4. A dedicated space and community to ask your questions when you get stuck and get answers from experts on hand. 

All for just $220 per annum.

That's  less than $5 per week for unlimited training and access. That's less than a movie ticket, less than breakfast or lunch out, less than a drink in a fancy bar, less than an almond chai latte!


So what are we really talking about here? 

For starters we cover...

To start with, we cover the following ... 


  1. Building your website – starting with working out what you need and what your options are so you spend your budget wisely
  2. How to determine what kind of website you need
  3. Website check list
  4. Creating a website with Squarespace


  1. Building your elist – cause you need to know how to capture emails in the first instance
  2. Ideas and examples
  3. Tools

Mailchimp – getting started and campaigns out the door

  1. About Mailchimp and how to apply it to your business
  2. Examples
  3. Walk through – setting up lists
  4. Walk through – your first campaign
  5. Walk through – automated campaigns
  6. Working with groups and segments (as your email list grows)
  7. Creating A/B tests with Mailchimp

Social media

  1. Covering the key platforms - Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Youtube
  2. How to apply to your business
  3. Examples
  4. How to setup account and post
  5. Tools to help 

Paid advertising & strategies

  1. Paid strategies – how to work out when to spend money
  2. How to set up Facebook and Google ads
  3. Remarketing for Facebook and Google – how it works and get set up for your business
  4. Setting up pixels – Facebook and Google

Search basics

  1. SEO basics – because every business should appear on Google for your ‘keyword’
  2. Keywords research
  3. Setting up Google Business page
  4. Setting up forms and tools to make them
  5. How to set up Google Shop

Content & funnels

  1. Lead magnet flows and tools to make it happen
  2. How to make a social media calendar
  3. Content ideas – 30 ideas in 30 minutes

Images & video

  1. Social media images – tools to make them
  2. Video for social media – options and tools
  3. Build your own group of influencers

This is just the opening menu! More will be added all the time.

You benefit from constant updates

This is subscription service. Logon and watch a video, download the worksheets or listen to audio when you're on the go (nothing like some multitasking). Each time training is updated or new tools or tactics become important to the online space, it will be added to your membership, no extra charge. You can keep your knowledge gained up to date easily as well. 

This is different from other online training

There is no start time or live sessions to be present for, just resources created by experienced online strategists and practitioners. The focus is on practical hands on use of online, knowing what tools to use, how to use them and what to do with them.

It is designed for the DIY business owner that don't have the budget to hire an agency (yet!!) to do this for them, and needs to work it out quickly for themselves. It will help you work the tools, so you can level up and start hiring someone else to do this for you. 

In the meantime, you get the benefit of knowing how it works - so you can hire well. 



Does this sound like it's something you would sign up for?

The Fix Portal will be released in June 2018.

To gain first access at a special pre-opening price (we're going to knock $100 off the price), you can sign up now. You will also go into the run for some bonus offerings, including 10 one-on-one digital strategy and trouble shooting sessions from Kirri Romero & the Online Fix. 

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Who's behind the Fix Portal?

Kirri is my go to digital help guru. She has helped me fine-tune my website and instigated other avenues for my digital presence. Kirri makes light work of all things digital and takes the stress out of this necessary part of business marketing. With her focus and easy going personality, she makes your business’ digital journey one that is easy to travel.
— Sally Feeney Interior Design
Kirri is a digital genius! Kirri and her online fix strategy sessions have propelled our business into the social media stratosphere in a big and extremely impactful way. Kirri’s knowledge, expertise and dedication are second to none and we cannot thank her enough for the social media wins we have had since our digital strategy sessions. The Online Fix is a must for all businesses wanting to take the digital world by storm!
— Karen Finch, Founder, Legally Yours

The Fix Portal is a culmination of Kirri Romero’s 20 years plus in the business of online. She has not only used all of these tools to great effect, but she consults with businesses to help them work out their strategy to online to make it work. She helps people like you, every day to see the big picture, connect up the dots from search and social media to your website, to forms, messages, email. You can learn more about her here or connect with her on LinkedIn.