Helping small businesses increase online sales

How much time and effort have you put into your social media presence, your website and trying to rank in Google? 

It's SO frustrating that the effort isn't equal to the number of sales and leads that you're generating online. 

And it's frustrating because everyone has a different opinion on what works and you can never quite understand why one business doing about the same as you seems to get so much more traffic to their website than you do. 

But here's the thing. 

What you and your business needs to do will absolutely be different from that other business. You need to work out what your customers are doing online. Where they hang out. What they are reading and reacting to. What all their questions are about your business. 

Then you need to create a digital presence that allows you to: 

Increasing your online sales is all about getting the right digital mix.
  • be present when they are searching for the solution that you offer 
  • answer all the questions they have as they research and compare you to all your competitors 
  • be convincing and so easy and smooth to deal with that it becomes obvious that you are the best deal for them. 

Creating this perfect 'digital experience' to convert your audience into paying customers is not about a system - or doing what everyone else is doing - or even stumbling across the magic formula. 

It's about developing your own prefect digital experience by knowing and doing exactly what your potential customer needs you to do.  

If you do this, you won't be following the pack but leading the pack. You will be finding the opportunities that have not yet been exploited by your competitors. 

And you can do this. 


The Online Fix can help you achieve your online growth goals in a number of ways. 

Digital Warrior Workshops

Workshops to suit how experienced with online you are, designed to focus in on how to get sales and leads rolling in from online. You will walk away with: 

  • Tactics to achieve more online sales
  • Repeatable processes that keep your tactical digital plan aligned with coming trends and ensure continual business growth
  • Develop a strategic plan to manage time, budgets and resourcing in ways that return maximum benefit to your business — based on facts and data.
  • Make online success a reality for your business (you’ll identify opportunities to increase your online sales and leads)
  • Develop a practical action-plan (you’ll be visible to the right people in the right place at the right time).


One-on-one coaching provides you with the freedom to get all the single focus attention, guidance and instruction tailored to what you need to be a digital warrior for your business.

I offer a coaching program run over 6 months, with monthly 1 ½ hour coaching sessions, where actions are set, reviewed and support in the form of education, templates and any other material you might need to achieve your goals for the month are provided. As part of this, I come along the journey, helping you to measure your success, looking at your web statistics and online conversions as the baseline for success. 

You will get all the expertise and knowledge you need to create a high performing business online.


strategy & consulting

Comprehensive digital strategy development based on data and research is one of our favourite things to do. As part of developing a specific strategy for your business we will: 

  • Provide a comprehensive analysis of your online business
  • Identify key opportunities to increase online sales/lead generation

  • Recommend best fit solutions for your business

Pricing is on a case by case basis, depending on what you need.

If you'd like to learn more about working with us to develop your digital strategy, please give me a call to talk about your needs.


Absolutely no doubt anyone who follows the Online Fix approach will increase their online sales in no time at all.
— Susie Thatcher, The Canary Press

Website DEVELOPMENT broking & implementation

We do web development a little differently. We work with you to find the right developer based on what your requirements are. Using our broking service, we will: 

  • Save you money from the get-go (you probably don’t need to spend as much as you thought on web development)
  • Identify the best fit solution for a website for your business
  • Develop detailed business requirements and receive a number of quotes for the work to help you get the best price for the work required. 

The outcome for you is a website designed to be a high performing conversion tool for your business without unexpected costs.


paid promotion campaign creation & management

Once you've got a high performing website in place, the next step is to bring in the right kind of traffic. 

We can design a high converting campaign to feed your website with the right kind of people to become your customers. 

We provide you with:

  • A strategic approach including the right channel (eg. Facebook versus Google search) and positioning
  • Ad and content creation
  • Setup, tracking and ongoing oversight and campaign optimisation to get the best for your ad spend
  • Regular reporting on campaign performance and cost per lead/ acquisition.