WEbsite development 

Do you know what you don't know?

We approach website development differently. 

When you work with The Online Fix, you start with a Digital Strategist who will work with you to establish exactly what you need to create a website experience that will convert your website visitors into your paying customers.  

With 20 years experience building websites, we focus on what YOU know about your business and customers to understand exactly what your website should be like.  


We do the hard thinking for you

First step is to understand what your business is about, and what is required for your website to convert visitors into paying customers. 

Our in-house digital strategist will draw up a detailed list of your requirements so that we can provide you with costings for both the implementation and any ongoing costs for your website. We make sure it's comprehensive and include everything you will need, including whether you need help with the website content or a professional designer to make your site look perfect. It's complete transparency for you - no unexpected costs. 

You get choices and options

You are then provided with a set of quotes, that gives you options on both price and approach with your website. Options will range from the type of website and platform through to the type of designer and programmer that is used on your project. 


Once you've settled on the approach to your website, we appoint a project manager that will see your website through to delivery. They will keep you up-to-date on progress, provide check in points on design, copy, website layout for your review and approval, as well as doing all of the testing and checking before making your website is made live. 

Your own designer

Depending on your budget we also organise for a web designer to draw up designs of your website so you will know exactly what it's going to look like before you start. 

We do the hard thinking for you

The benefit of our approach to you

  • Working with a digital strategist, you get everything you need for a high converting website that you didn't know to ask for eg. mobile responsive, user acceptance tested, search engine optimised etc 
  • Receive a range of options ranging from low to high cost, and the pro's and con's of each of these approaches so you are able to make informed decisions  
  • Can mix the options offered to get the best approach that suits your business and budget
  • Have complete transparency over the work, with your project manager giving you regular updates and check in points
  • Know exactly what it's going to cost you both now, to implement and year on year, particularly on any licenses or repeat costs such as website hosting 
  • Remove the angst attached with trying to deal with technical talk and concepts that you are not sure on
  • Have someone doing the hard yards and solution design to make sure you get return on your investment with a website that will convert.



we start with what you need for your business

It can be confusing to understand what kind of website you need and what will deliver the results that you need. 

No website should ever be built without a clear idea of what it will achieve for your business - no free loaders welcome here. 

You work with our digital strategist to create a clear list of requirements and detailed brief that is used to obtain quotes from a number of different developers and agencies. 

We are completely independent and don't receive any commissions or payments for the recommendations we make.

We are only interested in the best fit for your website.


know exactly what it's going to cost

There are many ways to build a website, all with varying price points. 

We give you at least three quotes, along with any other costs involved. For example, depending on your business you may need a graphic designer or web writer. We factor these things in so you know the total cost - both to build and ongoing. 


hand over the hard work for a professional job

Hand over the complex job of getting your website done and dusted with minimum fuss. Just provide your direction and your project manager will do the rest. 

As part of the project management we will ensure testing is completed, content, analytics and products all published, ready to make your new website live. 



Detailed list of what you need

Before you get started with your website, you need to know exactly what you need to include on your website - from content to functionality to making sure all of the right things are place to rank your site in search engines and to track your visitors. 

We will work with you to identify a comprehensive list of what you need on your website and develop a set of business requirements that will be used to brief and obtain quotes for your new website. 

  • The business requirements will be comprehensive so that the quotes will be accurate and will allow the work with your developer to commence immediately. 
  • This list of requirements will also identify anything that you will need to prepare in order to complete the website. For example the provision of content or images or a brand style guide. 
  • A proper briefing will ensure best practice is followed by the web developers to make sure that the website is mobile responsive, speedy to load (this counts for performance), compliant for search engine indexing and set up for tracking all sessions so you can see exactly how your website is performing - including tracking online sales and which channel was responsible.  

We will also provide you with the following: 

  • Page architecture and design so you know how the website will be structured.
  • Goals and KPIs
  • Design assistance for any other elements of your web presence that you need. 


Once we've a comprehensive list of your requirement we will obtain quotes from the right kind of developer for your project. 

We will select the developer based on what type of website you need, for example a shopping cart, a CRM integration or portfolio display. We will also take into account your budget, but always seek to provide the best value solution which often will be much less than you expected. 

The value of our service is that you get exactly what you need in a high converting website at the right price depending on the complexity and size of your job. 


Quotes and options

A complete quotation on the build of the website will be provided. It will be detailed and broken down into the individual components so you can see exactly where your money is going to. 

  • Web development 
  • Costs for any plugins or third party services 
  • Ongoing maintenance costs on a yearly basis
  • Anything you may need such as design work or security certificates. 

For each quote you will receive:  

  1. Costings with two - three options based on different types of web platforms, developers and designers. You can pick and choose between the options or just go with one of the complete options for your website
  2. Ongoing annual costs that you might expect – this is included only so that you understand the impact of any of the choices on an ongoing basis on your budget.
  3. A list of points relating to the pros and cons of each solution to help guide you to the best fit for your business and budget.

We make sure that the requirements cover everything that you may not have thought about such as:

  • A goal and conversion point so you can measure and track the success of your website as a lead or sales generator
  • Mobile responsive and ready so it displays well on both your desktop and mobile
  • Search engine ready
  • Analytics in place
  • Social media sharing 
  • Strong call to actions and conversion points on your website. 

Implementation costs are quoted as part of the job and will depend on the size and number of pages and products on your page and are completely optional. 


The look and feel of your website is paramount. Every project includes design. But we give you choices depending on your budget. We work with a range of web designers who bring years of experience to your project. You can choose to work with a known template and have a style guide and fully mocked up designs of your website created. This is an economical way to achieve high end web design results, while still giving you comfort of knowing exactly what your website will look like upfront. 

Or we can create a custom design specific to your brand and customer needs, working through a process of usability design to create something unique and highly functional to ensure you of the best possible website look and feel. 


We do the hard yards for you and see your project through from start to finish. We source and manage all the necessary digital expertise you might need including website copywriting, graphics, photography, social media or populating your website with content.

As part of our project management services we ensure that your website is delivered: 

  • to the agreed business requirements 
  • tested and working 
  • redirected to your URL 
  • redirects from your important pages that are indexed in Google and other search engines to make sure you don't loose valuable search traffic
  • a launch plan to help ensure your new website makes a splash with your existing and new customers. 
We do the heavy lifting