Try this one thing, this week to grow your business

Set up a Google Adwords account and see what happens.


When you start an Adwords account, Google will give you a $100 voucher with the first $50 you spend.

So why not make use of this little bonus as an experiment.

Adwords is all about having ads show up at the same time someone is actively looking for your product or service.

To get started you will need:

1. Understand which keywords to bid on (the Google Keyword planner will help you find the right words).

2. A good landing page that directly reflects your keyword and what people are searching for

3. An ad – you can write this as part of setting up your Adwords campaign. Start with at least 2-3 versions so that you can work out which copy is going to work best for your customers.

4. Make sure you cap the budget on your campaign so you don’t go over.

5. Put the ad in action and watch your statistics closely to see what happens.

6. Review your ad performance daily to see how the ads are performing, stopping those that don’t perform and adding new ones based on what is working.

If you would like some video step-by-step how-tos checkout the Learn Advertising which covers not only Google Adwords and getting started but also Facebook. You can see what’s included here.