What do you talk about on your social media?

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A repeated problem I see with people trying to start an effective social media program is they struggle to work out what they should be talking and posting about on their social media.

Once you know which are the right social media channels to be using to reach your target buyers, you need the right content. Otherwise you will be talking to crickets.

On social media, you need to work out what it is that will be of most interest, or solve the problem of the people you are targeting.

The most common mistake I see, is people talking about their business, and their service or product. People don’t want to talk about you. They want to talk about their problem and what they are interested.

While you might have what is of interest to them or what will solve their problem, it’s the fine nuance of talking about it in the context of THEM.

A simple technique to get it right  

A great way to work out what to talk about is to list all of the things that you talk about – then beside this, list all the things you know that your potential customers or clients talk about. Just list the topics, questions, problems and things that you know they are interested in, in relation to your business.

Looking at these side by side, you can then start to understand where you intersect in what you talk about and what they are interested in hearing about from you.

The intersection or overlap is your sweet spot. It’s where you both have common ground and allows you to frame your content in a way that is relevant and interesting to your intended audience.

Let me show you some examples:

My own business – The Online Fix which offers digital strategy consulting, mentoring and online crash course


An interior designer that styles homes ready to be put on the market


A builder who specialises in renovations



Next question – But I don’t know what they talk about

Sometimes you might struggle to really understand what it is that your target audience talk about. But I’ve a few simple tools to help you work it out for yourself. You can also use these to test your ‘knowledge’.

  1. Look at your competitors. It’s not about copying them. You want to look at competitors that are getting great social traction from their content and work out the ‘conversation’. You can get great insights from what’s working for them.
  2. Buzzsumo is great to discover what topics relating to your business are doing well across different social media channels. Simply put in keywords relating to your business and see what comes back. Follow the links and investigate. Make notes on what seems to be working for the content that is being shared.
  3. Talk to them. Such a simple approach but super effective. Have a conversation with some of your customers or simply follow them and see what kind of things they engage with on their social channels.

Using social media effectively for your business relies on getting your content right. Knowing what to talk about is what will gain you the attention of your target audience.

It’s a simple process of finding the intersection between what you talk about and they CARE about.

If you don’t know what they care about, then do the research. Social media works best when you engage and get to know your audience. Don’t talk to an empty room. Engage and have a conversation that they want to know about.