Batching your content for your socials - Video transcription, links & templates


Generating content on an ongoing basis to help generate awareness of your business has become a given. But it's not your main job, you run a business and this content thing for the social media can be such a drain. 

The key to taking away the pain and feeling of constantly having to be 'doing' content can be managed if you start batching your content and producing it in blocks. 

I use this process to get a month ahead so I’m not thinking about content all the time / every week. It also gives me a ‘creative’ break to go away and get news ideas.

First step is to write down what content you are going to produce. I do this in my monthly view of my planner. It let’s me see the flow and continuity of the topics.

Plan out your content for a minimum of 4 weeks so you end up with a ‘flow’ logical progressions etc. You also likely end up with topics slotted in for the months ahead making your job even easier the longer you follow this process.

This stage usually take me about 30-40 minutes. I make it easy by have a running list of ideas that I’ve been collecting over the days. You can also try my tried and tested 30 ideas in 30 minutes approach – which will help you come up with heaps of ideas in a very short amount of time.

As the month goes by you should also capture those random ideas and thoughts somewhere for future reference. A note pad or note on your phone. I use Asana.

Second step - produce content outlines – detailed piece of what you will write about – writing template (depending on volumes and how much – you may need half a day or a complete day – format and length etc. 

I do two formats – a video with transcript and download and a quick tip video, so I do the outline for each of these before actually writing them.

Third step – set aside the time to actually write and create the content. This is usually a full day for me.  

Fourth step is creating your ‘promotional assets’. This is your images for any blogs or posts or anything you are going to use to post to social media or help get the word out about your content.

Fifth step – leave some distance in time to allow for review and editing your content. It’s hard to edit your own work and if you don’t have the luxury of someone else doing this for you then the best thing is to allow time to give you a fresh perspective and eyes on looking for how on point the content is, whether there are grammar and spelling edits required etc.

Finally – schedule your content into a social media monitoring tool so you don’t have to think about it on a daily basis.