Before you set goals - know what you need to know - Video transcription, links & templates

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Can you believe it, the end of the year is almost upon us. The end of the year is always so hectic, that often planning and reflection from a business perspective doesn't realistically happen till January.

Then before you know it, February is here and you've already lost a month or so on getting things bumping along for the  new year. So for the next few weeks, I'm going to lay out a weekly planning task for your online marketing program so that you can hit 2018 running.

  1. New year is almost here – who has time to really put their mind to these things? But in fact, if you break it down into a series of individual steps, which also gives you the benefit of having time to think and explore your thinking, you can hit 2018 ready to go.
  2. Next week I'll cover setting the goals and actions to create a marketing plan and to hit January 2018 with big, critical thinking about your business (at least from a digital perspective) done.
  3. The first thing you need to do is know what you need to know.
  4. Get onto your Google Analytics and really get your head around what is working and what is not. These are the key questions to ask.
    - Is what you are doing working and sending traffic to your website? All important. Remember your website is an important digital asset and it should be delivering value in the form of leads or sales for your business.
    - Which channels is sending traffic to your website? – you want to know where to double down, make more effort or walk away from.
    - Are you converting that traffic into leads or sales? – if you can see that you are getting the traffic but not the sales, then you need to know why. So, if not, why not? Is it a technical issue? Is it missing content?
    - Are you just sending the wrong people to your website?
    - If yes, which channel is sending the most profitable customers to you?
  5. Get your head around the answers to these questions. They should feed into your 2018 plan. Which channels to be focusing on, or if you’re getting traffic but not converting – where do you need to focus attention to fix the ‘barrier’??
  6. This exercise takes less than hour.
  7. Download my Guide to Google Analytics for the Numerically Challenged – it will step you through answering these five key business questions in order to start forming a picture of where you need to focus your attention in the new year.
  8. As a next step as a broader view of your business that incorporates all of your activities, map out a simple table that allows you to list your channels or activities that you do to generate new business. For example, Facebook posting, networking events, cold calling.
  9. Beside this column you now want to list the dollar figure of sales from each of these activities and beside that the number of sales.
  10. This simple exercise allows you to see which where your business is coming from and as a simple high level audit on your business it allows you to understand what to stop, what to keep doing and what to change or improve.