Are you getting people to your website? Video transcription, links & templates

I am always surprised by someone who has no idea if they are getting traffic to their website or not.

Are you getting people to your website?

They will have spent quite a bit of money on it, but not look at it as an important business asset that should be working hard for them. 





Video notes/ transcript

1. So many people don’t know the answer to this question - but it answers many questions: 
a. If you don’t – then how do you know if all the things you are doing on Instagram, FB/ LinkedIn/ Email/ Paid promotion etc actually working??
b. How are you getting the value from the money and time you spent on creating a website in the first instance? 

2. It’s a 5 minute job to tell if you have traffic

3. Logon to your Google Analytics account > From the left hand menu select Acquisition > Overview

  • You can see the channels that drive traffic to your web site
  • You can see whether they are converting (if you have goals setup)
  • You can see bounce rates and time on page. 
Google Acquisition

5. A lot of information in one screen.

6. If you are encouraged to know more, then Google Analytics an answer the If you want to know the five most useful questions to answer with your analytics – download my guide to analytics. 

7. It helps you answer these five important questions about your business and how you are doing online. 
          1. Is what you are doing working and sending traffic to your website? 
          2. Which channels is sending traffic to your website? 
          3. Are you converting that traffic into leads or sales? 
          4. If not, why not? Is it a technical issue? Is it missing content? 
              Are you just sending the wrong people to your website? 
          5. If yes, which channel is sending the most profitable customers to you? 

8. If you want to see how you are going compare dot your competitors use – but if you have very little traffic then you won’t even register on them. 

9. If you don’t even know if you have Google Analytics, then install the Google tag assistant – and then go to your website – it will tell you.

10. Depending on your website, you might need your developer to install the code, but if you’re on Squarespace or similar it is just a 1 minute job to add your account code!

11. If you want help to set it up correctly, then see the pages 8-10 in my Google Analytics For The Numerically Challenged – simple explanations with the focus on what matters.