30 content ideas in 30 minutes

Great content is how you make it into the Facebook feed


Buffer published a very comprehensive article on the Facebook Algorithm.

The summary and key highlights from the article is if you're content is popular, then it will get into the news feed - without having to pay! 

So that means making GREAT content. So slow down, take the time to do less but great content. 

Ideas ideas ideas 

We can't start to make great content until you have the ideas. The following are tips on how to come up with ideas to generate great content. 

Follow the below to come up with 30 ideas (in 30 minutes) - and there is a handy template to download at the end as well!

  1. Write down 5 questions that you’ve been asked in the last month by your client or customer

  2. Do a search on your topic and see what ‘news – trends, changes, problems’ come up in the press that is popular – write down 5 topics. Research on Google, Buzzsumo, and https://displaypurposes.com/ for hashtags

  3. Write down 5 personal anecdotes of your or your customers that your product or service has helped

  4. Look at the seasonal and events and ‘days’ calendar and work out the relationship between your business eg. Changing from spring to summer, Halloween, day of the dead, Melbourne cup, Football finals, the day of the blah blah For a HR company - Melbourne Cup and tips on drinking or at work functions or – write down 5 topics


  5. Think about your office and daily routine – people you are meeting with, places you are going, then pick 5 activities that you can post on

  6. Think of someone you can interview in relation to your business? Eg. A customer, or industry leader – write down 5 questions for them to answer

  7. Tools that will help you come up with topics and ideas are:


    You should be able to get far more than 5 ideas from these.

  8. You should have MORE than 30 just doing these few thing.

  9. Download my template to help you generate your 30 ideas in 30 minutes

  10. MAKE IT HAPPEN - Block out some quiet time where you know you can zone IN in your diary - go to the 'IN the zone place'. I like coffee shops – the white noise is what does it for me – if necessary turn off you phone or put a do not disturb on these for the 30 minutes.