3 apps to make your social media life easier

3 apps to make social media easier

5pm, kids are just finishing up with the (insert as appropriate basketball, ballet, gym) practice and you’ve been in the car for 10 minutes waiting.

This is junk time. 10 minutes where you could use it do something really valuable – like a quick power nap, meditate on the worlds woes or churn out a couple of social media posts as part of your ongoing business’ social media content program.

I want to walk you through how you can use those moments of time when you’re not at your desk, but you’ve got deadlines on and you want to make better use of your day.

There are a few really great apps that load onto your phone that allow you to style and create great posts, resize, repurpose and post to social media.

These are great tools, for those of you that are in the early days of getting your business up and running and you may not have the luxury of having money to hire a specialist to create and run your social media posts. Or maybe, you are the voice of your business, socially speaking, so you need to keep up the feed with great, engaging content.


SparkPost is great for creating posts for all the major social media platforms and allows you to either search for free images, under the Creative Commons license, or taking your own shots and loading them for your posts.

It’s a great app to produce quotes as well as styling images. You can easily resize the one image from Instagram to Facebook to Twitter and share immediately from the app.

There is amazing flexibility with templates to give you ideas and get you started and then tailoring the colours of fonts, backgrounds, lines etc etc.


Everyone knows the Canva desktop app, but the app on the phone is really flexible as well. It gives you a lot of the same functionality as online but has the added benefit of accessing images that you’ve created previously in Canva – from both the app or your desktop.

This means that you can start work on an image on your desktop and then finish it off later on your mobile.

It has all of the same types of capabilities as SparkPost but is not quite so easy to resize and repurpose. If you have a paid account with Canva then this is not an issue.

Canva contains a lot of templates as well as being able to use your own image or search for free images to use.

This is my handy work


The 5 second app allows you to create a looping GIF from either a burst of photos or a video. You can crop, trim, apply filters and text. The free version allows you to make 5 second gifs, but the paid version allows more time.

The beauty of this app is that it allows you to get create on the fly and bring more movement to your social media feed. Movement is what grabs people’s attention and this is really quick way to do this without going down the video production route.

It’s super easy to use and you can either record or take new photos to use or use those from your library.

While it is free, it does come with inapp advertising. One bonus feature is that it has a curated stream of other people’s work to help give you some creative juice and inspiration.  

Do you have any favourite apps that help you get things done while you have a little down time? I'd love to hear about them. 

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