11 of the best articles to give you the low down on Snapchat

If you’re a Snapchat newbie and have decided to jump in and give it a go, then there is a heap of information out there. This is a list of the top 11 current articles to make it easy for you to jump in and work it out. 

Eleven of the best articles for a Snapchat newbie

A lot of it is repeated so I’ve put together a great list of articles that cover all of the different aspects of understanding how Snapchat works as well as why it’s working for brands. I’ve also trawled through all of the most recent articles so that there is no out dated information (so pay heed – publishing in July 2016 – so will be outdated within a few months). 


1. Mashable – A how to get good set up guide and bit more. Read this first if you haven’t actually downloaded and started your account yet

2. Hubspot - A good overall article on all the key features of Snapchat avoiding some of the more complex or detailed aspects of Snapchat. Read this once your set up and are ready to start snapping.  

3. Snapptips – This article has good, easy to understanding information on how to use filters, lenses and emoticons etc. If you’ve read the first two, you’re now probably chomping at the bit to get to pimping up your images and videos with all of the funny as lenses and special effects

4. Wired – This article dives into a little more detail including getting  your terminology right (its’a story – not a post)


5. PC AdvisorThis is a very up to date article with the recent enhancements to the app. 

6. Daily Dot – it’s not talked about that often but the chat and messaging capabilities in Snapchat are very developed and this article goes into the details of these

7. Pocket-lint – I like this article because it has some other features not getting much air play such as Snapcash (which is only available in the US for US issued debit cards) which are good to know about


8. Kissmetrics – If you’re wanting to get a little inspiration on how other businesses are using Snapchat, this article provides some good examples

9. ABC – The ABC is experimenting and I’m tipping that Snapchat will become a major news reporting platform. You can see how other media houses are using it such as CNN. This article really shows how it be an effective story platform


10. Android Authority – Most of these articles are focused on the interface for iOS, so for those of you that are on Android phones, this will cover off where things differ for you


11. The Alison Show – If you prefer a video reading an article, this will give you the basics in under 10 minutes or less if you decide to skip over the dancing at the end

I've also written a couple of articles about Snapchat, who uses it and how and why a business might benefit from Snapchat in their social media mix