Is it time for you to sign up for Snapchat?

Snapchat sign up's are going through the roof. Does this mean it's time for you and your business to get on board with the newly crowned ghost?

Snapchat with a crown

At the recent Social Media Marketing World, Snapchat was pronounced as the next big thing (along with live video) and the sessions on Snapchat were packed as Marketers came along to learn more about Snapchat. 

What were the key takeaways? 

1. Content as entertainment is still top dog and without great content to post, you are dead in the water. 

2. Measurement is currently limited on Snapchat but you can use codes for special offers to track ROI. 

3. Be sure you're audience is on Snapchat before you give it a whirl - current demographic of users:

 * 23% 13 to 17 years
 * 37% 18 to 24
 * 26% 25-34 years
 * 12% 35-54 years old
 * 2% 55+ years old

4. It's getting crowded very quickly... it's almost too late for any early adopter advantage. 

5. Users on Snapchat are more engaged than Facebook and Twitter. 

Snapchat is tactical. It is good for some content and audiences. It's not clear yet if it's a stayer or just a evolutionary step to the next big digital interaction platform. 

From a strategy perspective, be clear on your audience, be clear on what they want and then deliver it to them in a high value manner, in the channel that is best at this current point in time. Understand and accept that you will need to move on eventually and likely soon. 

If you'd like to know more about Snapchat - the demographics and how it's used, read Is Snapchat just for your kids? Or can you use it for your business?