Is word of mouth and networking only getting your business so far?

Bring in more sales with an effective digital strategy 

Just three simple questions will guide you to a great digital strategy


Digital, as a persistent and consistent presence, working for you 24/7, targeting your perfect prospective clients would be your next logical step, right? 

The problem with digital is where to get started. Which channel do you focus on – search or social media or something else again? 

You also want to be sure of the return on investment – in both time and money spent. And you’ve a right to be sceptical. You’ve already paid for a website that has yet to deliver any real results and there is so much noise out there, it really is hard to know where to start. 

Logically, starting with the data and facts and to put together a structured digital strategy will give you the chance to understand: 

  • exactly what your business needs to be doing online to bring in the leads and sales 
  • what it’s going to cost 
  • the risks and opportunities open to you. 

Why digital is a no brainer

There are a lot of successful businesses out there, including yours, that have grown on the back of hard work that has generated a lot of word of mouth and referrals to your business. 

But what if you could take that great word of mouth and referral marketing and put it on steroids by allowing digital to amplify your hard work and put you in front of more of the ‘right’ people that will buy from you. 

This is why digital is a no brainer. 

Let’s look at the facts. 

  1. 79% of Australian’s access the internet every day
  2. Of these, more than 60% of people will research a purchase online prior to actually making that purchase – regardless of whether they are going to buy it online or offline. These figures are much much higher if you’ve a target market in other countries like the US, Canada, or the UK. 
  3. 93% of internet users use Facebook or another social media platform.

More reasons to embrace digital wholeheartedly

  1. Digital allows you tap into new audiences that are currently outside of your reach with niche targeting and 'in the moment' tools, that allow you to be relevant and timely in front of these new potential customers. 
  2. You can scale up with a one to many approach and leverage the many digital tools that allow you to automate much of your activity. 
  3. Digital is easily measured. This means you can make it accountable and easily take steps to optimise and improve performance month on month as you learn what’s working best and what’s not. It’s a simple equation of doing more of what works and stopping what doesn’t. 
  4. You can amplify your offline networking activity easily by substituting your business cards with a digital connection at networking events. Often business cards get thrown into an Eifel tower-esque pile never to be looked at again unless you established a really solid connection during the event. A digital connection allows you to continue to develop a relationship over time where one might never have evolved. 
  5. Your offline activity can be taken to the next level by allowing happy customers to share their story on social media or even just as a testimonial for your website to help close future sales. 
  6. Digital is pioneering a new level of customer experience. You can slam your competitors by creating outstanding customer experiences that not only exceed your customer’s expectations but move them to talk about and share their experiences with you to give you even more digital visibility and creditability.
  7. Digital makes it easy to prime your customers with all the right questions (and the right answer to expect) to help with the sales process. This works very well for those of you with complex products or services that will require more than one conversation or visit to close the deal. Helping your customers with the right information to help with the decision making process can pay huge dividends. 
  8. As an extra bonus, digital can often open new markets and opportunities. For example if you’re in a business that lends itself to a digital product of some kind but you are currently just providing a service, then an effective digital presence gives you a chance to offer ‘more’ to your target audience. 

Three key questions to create your digital strategy

A digital strategy needs to be holistic and look at your entire customer journey. That means answering the following key questions: 

  1. How will your (future) customers ‘discover’ you online? 
  2. What information do they need to be convinced to buy from you? 
  3. How will they ‘buy’ from you? 

These three simple questions, when unpacked, become a comprehensive digital strategy that allows you to really get to the heart of what you need to be doing online to bring in online leads and sales. 

A good way to unpack these questions is to put yourself in your customer’s shoes and think how will they: 

  1. Become aware or discover your product or service? First up understand if they are actively searching for your product or service or whether you will need to get inventive to grab their attention. This will help you understand which channels you need to focus on as part of a digital strategy. If there is intent – or they are actively searching for you – then search engines are going to be a good fit for you. If they are not, then you’ll need to consider social media and other digital activities to put yourself in front of your potential customers. Your goal is to make yourself ‘discoverable’. 
  2. Be convinced that they want to buy from you? Some may need to compare your offering with your competition and others may just need to understand the real benefit that they will get versus what it will cost them in terms of both money and time. Understand this aspect clearly because you will need to clearly address it online to bring in new leads and sales. It will directly inform you about the content you need to provide, as well as give you hints about whether your customer is going to need considerable time and attention to get to know you before wanting to purchase from you or whether it will be a short quick interaction. This is mostly driven by the value attached to your product or service. Ie. A purchase for $5 doesn’t necessarily require the same degree of consideration and interrogation as a $1000 purchase. You will know this already from you dealings with existing customers. Use this to understand what is going to be required to ‘close the deal’ online. After all, digital is not about the one to one conversation but a one to many conversation so you will only be as good as the content and tactics you provide to help with this. 
  3. Remove any barriers that will make them hesitate in closing the deal with you? This is fundamentally about the mechanics of making a sale or capturing a lead. Making it easy easy easy to complete a transaction with you is key. Whether it’s the ability to purchase online or simply the ease of making a phone call or appointment to meet with you. Think seriously about this as well as any supporting activity that might be required such as addressing security concerns or last minute questions.  
  4. Be so happy with their transaction with you that they brag about it to others. To do this you need to look at what you need to do to exceed expectations and make people happy. Then you need to think about how do you make it super easy for people to talk AND share their happiness with others? By helping them to talk about you in a public way is a sure way to help you close future sales. 

Three simple questions asked and answered can provide you with a digital approach that will be effective and provide you with a consistent and persistent sales funnel of new leads and sales that you have not previously tapped into. Digital, used properly, can make a real difference to how much business you can get through your door. 

Why not take steps to develop your digital strategy for an persistent and consistent digital sales funnel?  


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