The Elevator Pitch - what's The Online Fix

The elevator pitch

The Online Fix (that's me) is all about answering the question that many business owners have when they’re trying to make it big - ‘Why isn’t my website working?’

I’m a digital strategist which means I look at the entire digital business to determine the best opportunities online for a business. I look at all channels – web, social, search, content, email and offline. I want to use this knowledge to help and bring sense to a complex question.

I’ve got a strong passion to make a difference by helping small business owners make their online business work. This means answering this question in language that you understand and that’s relevant and practical to a small business.

Who’s the Online Fix for?

Business owners who’ve got a strong idea and need to turn their business smarts into a successful digital experience for their customers.

What am I offering?

Long term – I want to help address global imbalance by helping anyone – anywhere to use the quiet digital revolution to make a good income for themselves. High falutin yes, but I’m going to achieve this by starting locally.

It boils down to this - I'm offering:  

  1. A blog that publishes useful and practical content on all digital channels with how to’s, tool reviews and smart digital strategy. I also hope to eventually have inspiring case studies of successful online business owners.

  2. One-on-one attention – this is working with people that are struggling with the question of 'why isn't my website working the way I want?" by developing a digital strategy and action plan to answer this question. I also provide guidance/coaching to implement the plan or I can take on the work managing a team of freelancers on their behalf if they need.

  3. A 2 hour Seminar that works through the question of ‘why isn’t my website working’. These will be small groups of 4 people to start with.