Using Facebook hashtags

Facebook hash tags

Hashtags connect your post with other post that are talking about the same thing. They give you the chance to amplify your content put you in front of new people.

It's that simple.

It’s the only way to get Instagram and Facebook to show your content to new people - the right people, without paying.

It’s also great to use for your brand name which works across social platforms and to share other people’s content.


Simply put a # in front of the word/s that you want to tag within your Facebook post. eg. #thewalkingdead

Identify the hashtag of the audience you'd like to put your content in front and make sure it's relevant and make it useful or creative. You're trying to stand out so don't just put any content out there. 


You want to make sure that your hashtag:

1. not being used for content or a meaning that is not the same as yours. This could be quite embarrassing if you are posting one type of post and the rest of the content is for something completely different.

2. has a following already if you're attempting to get your content in front of new people.  

Generate some ideas ...

To work out the best hashtag to use: 

  1. Select some keywords that resonate, make sense or are a burning topic of discussion to your business and audience
  2. Look at competitors or related businesses to see what they’re doing 
  3. If you’re a local business use the name of your city or suburb
  4. Use tools to see what’s popular for ideas and a starting point - see my ‘Tool picks’ below.

Test your ideas ….

  1. Search in Facebook (the search box at the top with the #term) for your selected hashtags to see who else is using it and how they’re using - make sure your joining the same conversation!
  2. Test your hashtags. Test them for a week and see if you get any improvement in engagement or followers. Then the following week, do the same number and type of posts without the hashtags and see what the difference is. Do you get more interactions, likes? If there’s no difference, then perhaps hashtags aren’t for your audience and this is a learning about your audience and how they use Facebook!


  1. is a great free tool that allows you to search and see volumes for that term, as well as what's trending.

  2. - this tool is focused on Twitter but the knowledge is transferrable. It can help you ‘rate’ your hashtag for free or join (starting at 30 day free trial and $10 per month) to help identify both hashtags and influencers.  

  3. - great free tool which allows you to see rank, related terms and influencers. Any more features with the paid version.

  4. - shows you the top trending hashtags from Twitter

  5. - shows lists of hashtags by industry, so it's easier to find hashtags that suitable for you

  6. Twitter - your app has a list of trending tags to the lefthandside

  7. Facebook - your Facebook page shows the top three hashtags in to the top right hand side - but only on your desktop view, this doesn't show in the mobile view.

There’s lots of other tools but I selected these ones as they were immediately accessible (up and running in < 1 minute and were either free, had free trial or the monthly cost was not much - so great for the small-business-minded!  


  1. Only 1 or 2 hashtags per post. Any more and your interactions will decrease**.

  2. Write them as one word with no spaces, and avoid punctuation or special characters like $ or %, but numbers are ok but it can't be all numbers alone.

  3. Put your hashtag at the end of your post.

  4. Make your hashtag easy to remember.


Andrea Vahl, a stand out authority on Facebook, cautions that a study showed a decrease in reach when hashtags were used, so she cautions to test and make sure you know that hashtags are appropriate to your audience.


I would like to call out to PostplannerSocial Media ExaminerSocial Bakers and All had great information on Facebook and hashtags which I used to compile this super short action summary.


* I read this allowed and timed myself. It took under 4 minutes to read. Hopefully you can read faster than me. 

** Taken from Postplanner the following shows the impact of the number of hashtags in your post.

  • Posts with 1 or 2 hashtags averaged 593 interactions
  • Posts with 3 to 5 hashtags averaged 416 interactions
  • Posts with 6 to 10 hashtags averaged 307 interactions
  • Posts with more than 10 hashtags averaged 188 interactions.