Tool review - Sharing the thought - not the whole page

Share the thought with a tool from Sumome

This is a quick 2 minute tool review (I timed it)!

The tool

Sumome ( highlighter tool for social sharing. 

What it does

It allows your users on your website to highlight text or a phrase and then share the snippet on their social channels like Twitter and Facebook. 

Made by Sumome, it’s free. It’s a great tool for when you don’t want to share the ‘entire’ page of content, just the thought that resonated with you. There’s so much info out there and when you just want to share a thought instead of page, this tool is it. 

It's a great tool for those that have Twitter in their digital promotion mix. 

Easy to install and use

These guys make it so easy to use their tools, I swear you’ll end up installing multiples of their tools - and they have many that are great. 

You don’t need anything more than to copy and paste some code into your site and then select and configure the tool. 

They also have a paid version which is well worth it if you’re using UMT codes for tracking on your site for tracing all of your social interactions. 

I've installed a version on my site so you can see how it works. Just highlight some content and share away!