New tool for quick images for your social posts

Pablo screen shot

Buffer have just released a new tool to produce graphics for your social media posts called Pablo. It has to be the simplest of graphic tools that I’ve seen to date, and focuses on just producing simple images with text or quote overlays.

The interface is very simple. You can either use one of their images or one or your own.

You can either insert your own quote or text or use the ‘shuffle’ button for find a quote from their database.

Then all you need to do is download or share onto your social platforms.

While it is quite limited in it’s uses, for many of you, being able to quickly add some text to an image which is correctly sized and then post immediately to your social network scores a 4 out of 5 in terms of a time saver!

Check it out for a quick play - within a minute you’ll have the hang of it and be producing great quality images for your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram account.