How to fix mistakes in your Facebook posts

An error in a Facebook post

Have you ever had a moment when you’ve posted something to Facebook and immediately wanted to change it? For me it’s usually a spelling error on the image that is created by Facebook by scraping the page on my website that I’ve linked to. No matter how many times you delete and re-post the link, it won’t update. 

This is because Facebook caches the image and of course, just re-posting won’t cause an update. However, hold in there, there’s a solution!

Simple fix #1 - updates and post deletions 

First things first, most people will probably know how to do this but just in case (I don’t want to assume) let’s quickly look at how to do this. 

Editing a post in Facebook

You’ve then got the option to change the content, change the date, hide or delete the post. 

Editing a post in Facebook - you have options

If you want to change the screen scrape, then you need to both delete the link and the image box. If you mouse over the image then an ‘X’ will appear on the right hand corner. Simply click on this and it will be deleted. 

When you’re done select ‘Done editing and you’re updates will be saved. 

Simple fix #2 - updating Facebook’s cache

The second problem is where most people get frustrated. You’ve included a link from your website to your article and Facebook has conveniently pulled across the image and article heading. Wait for it. There’s a mistake. Let’s not ponder why you didn’t pick it up first time round, but you’ve got a glaring error on your post. Simply deleting the post or updating the URL will not fix this. 

Instead you need to go to the Facebook developer’s page -

Facebook developer page to clear the cache

Paste in the URL of your problem page - but make sure you’ve fixed the error first. 

Then select ‘Fetch new scrape information’. It just takes a moment and the page then displays all of the information that Facebook has ‘recaptured’ from your webpage…..

Clearing Facebook cache

If you scroll right to the bottom of the page you’ll see the new image and content that will now appear in Facebook. You may need to wait a minute, but generally when you then go back to your page and refresh, you’ll see the new scrape in your image. 

New image fetched after cache is cleared in Facebook

So job done! You can fix your ooops moment and no-one will be the wiser.