Social Media Workshop tailored to your business 

I run tailored workshops in workplaces, that are designed to help your team get up and running with a social media program. 

This is not about outsourcing social media. Rather, this is about training your team to manage your own social media program. 

The workshop teaches you and your team how to: 

  • identify how social media can assist your business grow
  • how to create great content to make sure your social media program succeeds
  • use the different social channels based on what works best eg. difference between Facebook and Instagram
  • how to be efficient in creating, posting, promoting and managing your social program. 

As part of the workshop, we also: 

  • spend time identifying all of the topics and themes for your social media calendar so you know what kind of content to be using
  • agree on the types of content to be creating 
  • look at how to generate great images for your social posts 
  • show you how to bring together an annual calendar of posts. 

How does it work? 

I create a workshop and output to meet your business needs. I don't believe in a one size fits all approach as every business and the people within that business have different needs and operate in different ways. 

I design the program to meet business objectives, industries and current skill levels available in the team. My focus is always on a practical approach that you can put into practice to make sure you achieve your goals. 

To get started, I'll meet with you to talk through your business and what you're wanting to achieve. Following this, I'll research and assess your business and industry to understand the best strategic approach on social media. 

Only then will I design the workshop and any materials you may need like 'how to' fact sheets or templates - all tailored to your business and team needs.

I then run two workshops on your premises with your team. The workshops are for two hours and designed to give you practical output such as a detailed set of topics and templates to start the process, along with how to's, on getting your social account noticed and in front your audience.  

How much?

The tailored workshops and materials cost $1,490 and includes recommendations on any tools or strategic content framework that you will need. 

Sound like this might be good for your business?

Give me a call or email to chat about how I can help your business use social media to help - for both servicing your customers and promoting your business.