Mentoring, strategy and accountability


one-on-one time dedicated to getting you on track and putting your online marketing plan into action.


Working one-on-one with me, we will create a road map and strategic plan that is specific to you.

We will give you focus, break the program down into manageable chunks and then hold your hand as you execute, showing you expert methods, time saving hacks and how to make sure you deliver.

Progress is the name of the game.


Initial 2 hour consult: $395

Subsequent 1 hour sessions: $125

Minimum of 3 follow up sessions.
(This is for a reason - I want you to achieve your goals. That means keeping you on track, giving you the help you need and keeping you focused. From experience, this won’t happen in one session.)


  • Comfort that you are focused on the right channels, tactics and actions to make a difference

  • Peace of mind that you WILL get results

  • Back up, expert advice and guidance all the way till you get the results you are after.

Meet Gemma

Gemma is an extremely talented branding photographer and is building her business Gemma Carr Photography. She has been mentoring with me for the last 3 months and has set herself up for a bumper year of growth.

gemmacarr (1).png
Working with Kirri has been one of the greatest drivers in my business growth. She helps me strategise and stop spending time on the wrong things. I cannot recommend Kirri highly enough - everyone needs a Kirri in their business!
— Gemma Carr Photography
Kirri Romero.png
There is no ONE thing that works online for business. Rather a number of things that work together to bring you consistent leads and sales for your business.

My goal is to help you achieve security in knowing where your next sale is coming from.
— Kirri Romero & the Online Fix