Need to get online sorted, and generating reliable and consistent sales? 



Working one-on-one with the Online Fix, a strategic action plan can be developed so that you:

  1. Know what will work best for your business online
  2. Understand what needs to be fixed or improved
  3. Have a complete to-do list with priorities, so you know where to start. 

How it works

One-on-one time is booked with Kirri Romero, digital strategist. Time is spent prior to the meeting auditing your digital foot print, so we have a good idea of where you are at. This audit of your online presence is discussed when we meet. 

Then we spend time talking together to understand more about your business

During this session we will develop a strategic approach for online for you. We'll work out the best channels that you should be using, and how to use the channels to your best advantage.

The output is a complete to-do list so that you can put it into action.

The output 

The complete session is captured and provided to you post-session so you have a record and digital strategic action plan to work from. You can get to work, knowing what needs to be done.

If you want to follow up and spend more time exploring different aspects of the plan, this can be arranged. 

Show me some proof that it's worth the time & money


You save ...

Time - with not having to experiment or spend days learning all about the different channels to just understand which might be a good fit.

Peace of mind - in knowing what types of tools and experts you need to make it all happen, without worrying about being taken for a ride because you don't know what you need.

Money - you will only spend money where it will make the most difference and in the way that will best fit your business.

Your sanity - You have someone in your corner who is focussed on your business and what you need to make this happen for you.

What clients of the Online Fix have to say

Karen Finch, Legally Yours

Meet the fabulous Karen Finch, Legally Yours

Legally Yours is a fantastic business disrupting the legal industry. They are calling out bad billing behavior of lawyers and offering fixed fees and complete transparency to their business.

Kirri is a digital genius! Kirri and her online fix strategy sessions have propelled our business into the social media stratosphere in a big and extremely impactful way. Kirri’s knowledge, expertise and dedication are second to none and we cannot thank her enough for the social media wins we have had since our digital strategy sessions. The Online Fix is a must for all businesses wanting to take the digital world by storm!
— Karen Finch, Founder, Legally Yours


Meet wonder-woman Cate Parson, Founder of Event Roads

Cate is one of those wonders who had this bright idea and made it happen. With no technical no-how but a lot of belief she created a fantastic app to help people plan events and journeys in a collaborative way. 

You have pushed me to take things further and faster than I would of on my own and provided me with inspiration and ideas to help EventRoads become something real and used.

I am excited and have clearer vision with an action plan and that’s all thanks to you!
— Cate Parsons, Founder, Event Roads


$1500 plus GST.

Included in this are: 

  • Two strategy and planning sessions
  • Research and audit on your business
  • Tailored strategy that details the channels, tactics and content for your business
  • 3 x 20 minute follow up sessions to check in and provide input as you implement your strategy. 

Additional time and follow up sessions are charged at $90 per hour plus GST. 

This is an investment in your business. It's the best money you will spend online for your business. No more guessing, with digital expertise applied to your business.

Justine Robbins, Evolution Leadership
I chose to work with The Online Fix to build a lead and sales funnel for my business, to automate the process not to create a single campaign but a strategy based on consumer behaviour and analytics. What I got was this
and so much more - hints, tips tricks and hacks, that made the entire process simple , efficient and easy - gold in a start up business.

Do yourself and your business a favour and engage with The Online Fix. You will
never regret it and your customers will thank you.
— Justine Robbins, Evolution Leadership