The FIX Planner & Diary

A planner designed to give the business owner and entrepreneur structure and smart process so you can get through more in your week, while working on building your business.

This A4 planner runs from Dec to Jan, allowing you to get a jump start on your planning and to give you systems and organisation in one book.

This is not a business planner to be tracking your expenses and ins and outs. You have a spreadsheet or program to do this properly.

This is a planner designed to bring together the creative thnking you need to do to grow your business, then the format to systemise the actions you need to make it all happen.



One book to rule them all

My pet hate is having a diary with meetings in one book or digital calendar and then another where I run my (always too long) list of 'to do's'. 

What I want is ONE week to an opening so I can see how the week looks, and incorporate both meetings and to do's into a well planned week where I end up feeling like a champion after getting through all the things that really count. 

The FIX planner has a one week to opening, keeping meetings and to do's separate, so you don't get things mixed up. It gives you room to ruminate as well prioritisation so you know exactly what to say Yes and No to. 

We also give you handy lists of all the things you know you should be doing, but aren't so you can take your business to the next level. As a digital strategist, I have built in simple tips and actions you can do each week to help you grow your business. 

For bonus mental health, each day has a space to reflect on what's to be grateful for. 

We also include a heap of beautiful blank pages to capture your thoughts and ideas. 



Rinse and repeat 

Within the planner there are a number of features that help you follow a system so that you aren't thinking about what to do, your just focused on getting it done. 

We have a content planner template, annual content planner and a completely tailorable weekly tasks list to help you with your social media and other marketing tasks. 


Writing down your goals is the first step, but knowing exactly how to make them happen is the next most important step. This planner enables you by giving you structure to think through exactly how you are going to get the buyers to your door step and convert them into satisfied customers or clients. Your entire customer journey can be mapped out in simple to apply templates that will give you the right perspective and focus to make your goals happen for the year. 



The devil is in the detail - we we've thought of everything

This planner is a labour of love. It was created out of the personal frustrations of my own diary woes and those that I saw repeatedly working with my digital strategy mentor clients. Their confusion and frustrations were poured into this planner and it's not just a planner. You also have access to a range of complementary templates to help you get your work done. When you buy a FIX planner, you are granted access to your portal that is a rich source of digital marketing and strategy insights and work tools. 

Other things that have been frustrations are also addressed. The paper is thick quality stock, so there is no bleed through from one page to the next. The cover is flexible and there are multiple page keepers and markers to help you get to the right page straight away. The pages open flat so you can easily write on both sides.

Coming next year, we will have an app ready for you so that you can easily take your weekly meetings and automatically sync these back into your digital calendar is you have one. You'll also be able to use the app to print out a 'on the go' version of your week as well as having a version of it on your phone, just in case you don't want to take the FIX on the road with you. 




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