The Digital Strategy Crash Course

Imagine if

you were able to feel comfortable talking with digital professionals and experts to understand whether what they offer is the best thing for your business? 

What if …

you understood exactly what you needed before you spent any money, so you knew you weren’t going to be wasting it?

Wouldn’t it be great …

if you had the tools and know-how to use online with real results?

How about …

having the knowledge to keep your online business humming along, so you are no longer dependent on someone to tell you what the problem is? 

Imagine …

constant leads and sales coming in the door 24/7 from online, your business and income secured. 

I say stop imagining and start doing!


The Digital Strategy Crash Course gives business owners the tools and know-how to master the online space and make it work for small business.


Says who?

Hola, I’m Kirri Romero and I do the Online Fix

I develop online programs and plans for business owners just like you. I believe in digital as the great equalizer, and want to help you find the unique opportunities that will help drive digital success for your business.

I consider myself to be like Switzerland. I am the unbiased expert, not influenced by big web development projects or a lucrative ongoing retainer. I am focused on providing the best possible experience and growth strategy for your business. 

When you work with the Online Fix, you gain access to 20 years of digital experience spanning both the corporate and SME worlds.

I love the Digital Strategy Crash Course – I think of it as my black book of digital strategy with years of experience poured into one carefully curated crash course just for you. 


Rebecca Ernest is amazing.

She had an idea to create a gratitude diary for young kids. She wanted to sell it online and she didn’t know where to start. She made it happen within 3 months (a lot of long nights were involved but she wasn’t wanting to waste any time) designed up her journals, got them printed and first sales out the door. 

Rebecca Ernest Little Dream Catchers
 "The Digital Strategy Crash Course helped me start up my new online business. Being able to do the course at my own pace was perfect for me as a busy mum and being able to check in with Kirri at any stage with questions was so reassuring.
Learning how to sell my product to my target audience and how and when to reach them gave me the skills and confidence to successfully launch my business. I highly recommend this course, Kirri certainly knows how to navigate and stand out in the digital world."

Rebecca Ernest - Little Dream Catchers





Identify which social media platform is the best fit for your business

Social media can be a real time suck, not to mention a waste of time and money. You need to know what platform will deliver the best results for your business.
In the program, I show you tools to identify which social media channels are being used by your target audience so you can find your best match. 


Know what you need to say to convert people into paying clients

Oh gosh, the right words, at the right time. Corny but so true. I will show you a simple process to uncover what you need to be saying, and when you need to be saying it. 

We will spend time getting to the heart of the questions your potential clients are asking, and what they need to hear to trust you enough to ‘sign up’. 


Learn how to create a repeatable and scalable sales funnel to free up your time

There’s no point in creating something that is going to suck up all your time.

We will look at how to create scalable, repeatable processes and, where possible, automate them with tools to make it happen routinely, day in day out. 

This is exactly what you need to scale up, if you’re at that stage, as well as making it ‘doable’ from a time commitment perspective. 

The added bonus is that digital is all about the 24/7 presence, so no matter when someone chooses to engage with you, your online business is there ready to respond.


Know the tools and software you need to make it all happen

All of the above is theoretical until you put it into action. There are a lot of great tools in varying price ranges with different features and capabilities. It’s important to know what tools and software are best suited to your business so you don’t waste time and money on things you don’t need. 



If you are ready to embrace digital and make it a powerful tool for your business, this crash course is your golden ticket! 

The course will give you a solid grounding of why, but more importantly how to make online happen. We’ll cover the tools and resources you need, as well as providing you with templates and worksheets that make putting together your digital strategy a breeze.  

Time commitment

The crash course takes between 15-20 hours. It is essential that participants commit to putting aside that time. If you want to master online, you will need to put in some work. That said, the program can be done at your own pace and there is no set time limit. 



  • A complete digital strategy and tactical plan to implement.
  • Templates and worksheets to apply your knowledge and create your plan
  • Ongoing support via a Facebook Group
  • BONUS access to the Vault with a heap of additional templates and resources to help you to continue to grow as you put your plan into action. 


Money – by being able to identify the best way to spend your limited budget on the things that will have the most impact on your business.

More money – by being able to call bull when you’re pitched an expensive website or social media program – because you know what you need and can engage with the specialist in a professional and informed way.

Time - because you will put the effort in where it matters most

Frustration - because you’re not wasting a heap of time experimenting and following the latest digital ‘fad’

Your sanity – by gaining all the confidence you need to create a program that is measurable and completely aligned to your business goals.



Your Guarantee

Every program comes with the guarantee that if you are not able to see increased leads and sales after your digital experience is implemented I will personally coach you to work out what’s missing from your digital experience or have the price you paid returned to you with an extra 10%*. There is no risk except not taking action.

* Terms and conditions apply. You must show the completed worksheets with the research and activities outlined in the program, and evidence of the work you have done subsequently to implement your strategy. This guarantee is only in effect if this work has been completed. If you do all of this and you don’t see results, then I will coach you personally with three full one-on-one coaching sessions (using Zoom) or you can have a 110% money back guarantee on price paid. This offer is only valid up to 60 days after signing up for the program.