Digital works when you use the right channels, tactics and content together for a seamless experience


Digital strategy - the right moves

but how do you know what the right things to do online are?

A digital strategy gives you the starting point, and the blow by blow instructions to get to your end goal.

every business can benefit from using online effectively to promote their business

Applied strategically to your business, digital can be a consistent source of leads and sales for your business. 

But many business owners don't know where to start or are missing the bulk of the opportunities available to them online.  

It's confusing

There is a lot of hype out there about 'how' to use online to drive sales and build a business. It is noisy and confusing and it’s hard to know who to trust and what expert advice is relevant to your business.

Despite this, the 75% of SME businesses agree that digital marketing is effective or very effective at driving new customers.

But using a templated approach or copying what someone else has done will not deliver you the results you need.

A tailored approach where your target audience and their digital behavior is used to design your best approach for online is what is required to achieve your online goals. 


We work with businesses to create a tailored strategy that provides you with the tactical and practical plan you need to know exactly what you need to do and how you need to do it.

Our process

No plan can be created without understanding your business. We develop a strategy for you as part of a two-part workshop.

The first workshop is focused on understanding you and your business, and the digital behavior of your target audience. 

The second workshop is focused on creating a digital experience that  matches your target audience and what they do online. We take your potential buyer's online decision making behavior and map out the appropriate channels, tactics and content. 

What you walk away with

The two part workshop provides you with output to review and refine, so that the by the end of our time together, we have a plan in place that is tailored to your business and works to your strengths and skill set.

We also help identify any tools or additional services you might need as part of implementing your plan.

Every Digital Strategy and Tactical plan provides you with: 

  • CHANNELS: we map out which channels you need to be using eg. social media (and which social media) or search you need to use and when.
  • TACTICS &  ACTIONS: how to use each of the channels most effectively eg. paid versus organic, video versus blogs etc
  • CONTENT: what you need to say and when. Without the right content and messages you will never be able to use online effectively.  

We map all of these core components of a digital strategy across your potential buyer's decision making process in the digital space. This provides you with a solid online sales funnel.

We will also:

  • identify any gaps or barriers with your current digital presence with a digital audit of your website and other online activities.
  • help you with the best fit tools and services that you need to put your plan in place.
  • work to make sure the processes are scalable and where possible automated.
  • identify both the content and digital assets you need to put in place as part of your online sales funnel as well as the ongoing content program you may need as part either a search optimisation program or social media program. 

No assumptions are made. We look at your business, target audience and design the strategy from there. 


Your digital strategy and workshops are just $1,395 ex GST. 

A relatively small price to save you time and money.


Working with the Online Fix

You gain access to 20 years of digital experience spanning both corporate and the SME worlds.

The Online Fix believes in digital as the great equalizer and finding the unique opportunities that will set you apart to help you drive digital success for your business. We pride ourselves on producing holistic strategies that not only look at the marketing components of driving traffic to your website, but we also put a big emphasis on what happens once they reach your website, making sure there are no barriers to conversion. The process is holistic and about creating a digital customer experience from first discovery to post sales referrals and self servicing - a great digital experience that people will want to talk about. 

The Online Fix considers themselves to be Switzerland, who are unbiased experts, focused on the best possible experience and growth strategy for your business. This means we are not influenced by contracts for a big web development or lucrative ongoing retainer. 



Karen Finch, Legally Yours
Kirri is a digital genius! Kirri and her online fix strategy sessions have propelled our business into the social media stratosphere in a big and extremely impactful way. Kirri’s knowledge, expertise and dedication are second to none and we cannot thank her enough for the social media wins we have had since our digital strategy sessions. The Online Fix is a must for all businesses wanting to take the digital world by storm!
— Karen Finch, Founder, Legally Yours
You have pushed me to take things further and faster than I would of on my own and provided me with inspiration and ideas to help EventRoads become something real and used.

I am excited and have clearer vision with an action plan and that’s all thanks to you!
— Cate Parsons, Founder, Event Roads
Justine Robbins, Evolution Leadership
I chose to work with The Online Fix to build a lead and sales funnel for my business, to automate the process not to create a single campaign but a strategy based on consumer behaviour and analytics. What I got was this
and so much more - hints, tips tricks and hacks, that made the entire process simple , efficient and easy - gold in a start up business.

Do yourself and your business a favour and engage with The Online Fix. You will
never regret it and your customers will thank you.
— Justine Robbins, Evolution Leadership