People queuing up to work with you






You may have noticed a shift in the market place. 

So many new competitors that are not your usual competitors. Digital makes so much more possible with the ability to make the customer experience with your company stand out with dedicated followers that are willing to spread the word about your business. Just consider some very traditional industries that are now in disruption due to the way digital has been used to 'remake' the experience - Uber; Ebay; Amazon. 


People’s expectations have changed

But it's more than just that there is new and more competition, it's that people's expectations have changed. They want the convenience of ordering or researching online. Being able to do a lot of the leg work from their mobile phone or whenever it's most convenient. As a business today, you can’t ignore this is a big shift in how people shop.  

Digital is an important part of doing business today. 

79% of Australian’s access the internet every day – and more than 60% of people will research online before they buy, regardless of whether they are going to buy it online or offline. 

That means that the majority, if not all of your potential customers are online looking for a solution.     

It's more than about marketing opportunities. It's also about efficiencies in how customers deal with you, bringing over and above value to the table as part of your product or service and literally a big dose of keeping pace with change. From pre-sales engagement to post sales service, digital opens up new possibilities. 

He who would search for pearls must dive below.
— John Dryden

There is a lot of hype out there about 'how' to use online to drive sales and build a business. It is noisy and confusing and it’s hard to know who to trust and what expert advice is relevant to your business.

Despite this, the 75% of SME businesses agree that digital marketing is effective or very effective at driving new customers.

Without analysis and research into the best approach for your business, it’s not suprising that some businesses are not overwhelmed by the results. 


why not Throw some mud and see what sticks? 


Tom’s story
Tom is a financial planner. He specialises in aged care planning in helping people understand how to afford expensive nursing home care for their elderly parents. 

He’s spent a small fortune on a website that has three pages, the home page, the contact page and a resources page that he has included one video on.

As far as Tom knows, he has not received any calls or leads as a result of the website. He hasn’t actually tracked any of this activity, so he doesn’t know for sure but his gut tells him that this is the case. He hasn’t done anything to promote himself online either. No social media presence, no content or promotion on any of the search engines. 

It’s not surprising that the website was delivering no value in the form of qualified leads. 

He decided that just throwing mud at the wall to see what stuck was a waste of time but that doing nothing was just as bad. 

Working with a digital strategist, Tom was able to identify the following: 

  • Currently there was minimal traffic going to his website – well he kind of knew that already but the reality was a bit of wake up call. 
  • Secondly, there were at least a couple of thousand people actively looking online for information on his area of aged care financial planning each month.

Determining the kind of content he needed to create and a strategic mix of both organic search rankings and paid search to hurry things along, Tom was soon generating traffic to the website that he was able to convert into leads – which for Tom meant his phone was ringing constantly with new leads. 

Digital is the great equaliser, using strategy to take on any competitor.

Digital is your great equaliser

Digital is changing our world. It has the power to transform your business. Digital is all pervasive and is changing our behavior - from work through to how we use our mobile to browse the internet or Facebook at night in front of the TV. 

Online is scalable, measurable and opens up the opportunity to tap into new audiences for your business. All it takes is the right kind of thinking and strategy to make it happen. 

When you work with a digital strategist, you are engaging a digital specialist to provide you with a clear, rational plan, based on data driven insights. 

A digital strategy is tailored to your business. The focus is on providing you with: 

  • the best way to deliver a 24/7 persistent and reliable source of leads and/or sales for your business
  • a great digital experience for your customers and removing any potential barriers that would stop a person from wanting to commit to you as a paying customer
  • opportunities that will put you ahead of your competitors 
  • scale and practicality to implement and manage your digital program on an ongoing basis and where possible in an automated way.

More and more, digital is becoming an imperative for businesses to do well today. 

Do you want to avoid being left behind, working the same networking events, looking for the next referral? 

The continual changes to how people shop and do business will not stop and being on the front foot, with strategic and forward thinking will make the difference between your prosperity and business health over the long term.   


Transform your business


Many businesses have done very well with networking and referrals to build their business to where it is today. But it is frustrating that it's not scalable.

There are many businesses that are now facing similar challenges to take their business online in some way shape or form. 

One of the best ways that a business can do this is to look at what they are currently doing offline that is working well. Quite often the very same sales pitches or tender process or conversations that you have with potential customers are the very same conversations that need to be translated into digital. 

One of the biggest mistakes that businesses make first entering online is that they don’t connect up the human behaviour of their customers to the online experience. 

You see this time and again on Facebook. Companies create a business page and then proceed to post nothing but sales posts. They don’t share any content that their potential customers might find useful or valuable, they don’t entertain or educate and certainly they don’t ask and answer a heap of the questions they know their potential customers will be wanting to ask. Facebook is not a platform for the hard sales pitch, it’s a space where people want to see what’s going on in the world with their friends and family and have a little fun.

Businesses that take the time to truly understand the best channel and how to engage on it with their customers, meeting their needs always outperform those that just ‘give it ago’ to see what will happen. The problem with just having a go is that often businesses reach the wrong conclusion – that digital marketing is not effective. 

Understanding the human behavior underpinning the digital environment is all it takes to do it well. 

Lucky for you, you actually know much of what you need to make online work. Your understanding of your customers just needs to be translated into the digital version. 
If the majority of people are online in some way shape or form, are you prepared to continue to miss on the opportunities to bring in a 24/7 line of new customers? 

 If you would like to explore working with the Online Fix to help you with your digital strategy, please book a no obligation digital discovery session to discuss where you're currently at with your business and digital. 

Putting a digital strategy in place avoids a scatter gun approach


You need a digital strategy to: 

1.    Identify the right channels, tactics and channels to find and talk to your potential customers
2.    The unique opportunity online that will help you stand out from your competitors
3.    The cost/ effort and expected return.

It needs to be tailored to your business, industry and customers because what has worked with another business will not necessarily translate to success for another business. 

Just like any other strategy, it is based on analysis and data to draw insights and identify the best opportunities to achieve your business goals. 

Regardless of size, digital can generate sales in a scalable and persistent manner. 

Characteristics of businesses that have successfully used digital as a growth tool have the following in common: 

  • Have acted on insights on their customers and how they interact online and then matched their own digital experience to intersect with this. 
  • Been consistent and persistent, particularly around content delivery and actively measuring to optimise and constantly improve their digital presence. 
  • Strategically mapped out the entire digital experience for the customer, leveraging every single opportunity to drive more success. 
  • Trust in expertise when required. 

Working with the Online Fix, you are gaining access to 20 years of digital experience spanning both corporate and the SME worlds.

The Online Fix believes in digital as the great equalizer and finding the unique opportunity that will set you apart to help you drive digital success for your business. We pride ourselves on producing holistic strategies that not only look at the marketing components of driving traffic to your website, but we also put a big emphasis on what happens once they reach your website, making sure there are no barriers to conversion. The process is holistic and about creating a digital customer experience from first discovery to post sales referrals and self servicing - a great digital experience that people will want to talk about. 

The Online Fix considers themselves to be Switzerland, who are unbiased experts, focused on the best possible experience and growth strategy for your business. This means we are not influenced by contracts for a big web development or lucrative ongoing retainer. 



Justine Robbins, Evolution Leadership
I chose to work with The Online Fix to build a lead and sales funnel for my business, to automate the process not to create a single campaign but a strategy based on consumer behaviour and analytics. What I got was this
and so much more - hints, tips tricks and hacks, that made the entire process simple , efficient and easy - gold in a start up business.

Do yourself and your business a favour and engage with The Online Fix. You will
never regret it and your customers will thank you.
— Justine Robbins, Evolution Leadership
Lucinda Flynn, Going Green Solutions
A wealth of in-depth knowledge and understanding around how we can manage and improve our digital presence.
— Lucinda Flynn, Going Green Solutions


Working with the Online Fix

The Online Fix provides strategy services as either an in-house dedicated one day workshop with you and your team or as consultancy. 

One day workshop with you and your team

One day workshop 

This is a dedicated one-day in-house workshop that is run to both educate you on key digital concepts as well as creating a detailed strategy for your business.

The outcome of the day is knowledge to take the right actions to bring in the leads and sales you’ve been dreaming of, taking your business to the next level of success.

The one day work covers: 

1.  Understanding the reasons you’re not converting website visitors into sales

. Discovering your target audience’s behaviour online, so you are clear on what channels (eg. search or social media) you need to use, what tactics and the content that will really engage and convince people to become a paying customer

3. Mapping out your acquisition funnel to convert your visitors to customers

4. Completing your tactical playbook of exactly what you need to do to achieve the sales/leads that you need to be profitable.

Learn more by booking in for you free discovery session today. 

One on one consulting

One-on-one consultancy

The Online Fix can be engaged to development your digital strategy on your behalf as follows. 

  1. Identify the best channels, tactics, actions and content to achieve your online objectives
  2. Research your market and competition and draw insights to provide you with unique opportunities to allow you to stand out fro your competitors 
  3. Analyse the digital opportunities against the behavior of your target audience, allowing you to understand the best approach online for your business
  4. Provide a tactical playbook to provide you with a detailed implementation map based on what you need to do to be discovered by your customers, convince them to buy from you and convert them to paying customers
  5. Give you estimated costs and activities needed to implement a successful digital strategy, working within your budget and internal business skill set. Interested in learning more? Book your free digital discovery session to find out more about how digital can assist you grow your business. 


Interested in learning more? Book your free digital discovery session to find out more about how digital can assist you grow your business.