Ads management for Facebook, Instagram, Google, LinkedIn & Pinterest

If you could pay $1 and get $2 in return would you do it?

And if you could spend $35 a week and get a new job booked, every week, would you do it?

This is how digital ads should work for you.


Ads that get results work like this.


Target your audience and provide a compelling offer
(with the right words, image or video and next step offer)


People respond and take action!

(such visit a web page, make a phone call, download an app)


You follow up to make sure they convert

(because that’s the whole point, make a sale, book an appointment etc!)


Rinse and repeat

(to scale with a process that delivers (much) more in sales then you spend to get them).

That’s how we approach your ads.

WE Start with …

An ads strategy looking at how best to get in front of your audience, the budget, the estimates and response you should expect for the money spent.

AND You get >

The comfort you want knowing you have a clear understanding of what will be done, what it will cost and what you can expect the outcome to be.


Then we create and monitor …

We create, iterate and fuss over the ads.

Then we put them into action, continually monitoring and adjusting to make sure you get the expected outcomes.

AND You get >

The best of both worlds! You can see exactly what’s going on (because we’re telling you with a weekly report) and you have someone to fuss and tweak over your ad spend for best possible outcome – without having to do a thing.


We also make sure …

We look at your conversions, because we hate sending good traffic to your website (or wherever) and then nothing happening. That’s a waste.

So we assess and tweak, till we get the results we are looking for.

AND You get >

Experts thinking about every step of the way when it comes to the ads, making sure you are getting the results you want.

This frees you up to focus on doing all the work that the ads actually generate.

Ads management programs start from as little as $470 per month, plus media spend.

Send a message and we’ll give you a call to talk through what you’ve got in mind.

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Strategy, creativity, execution, persistent and consistent optimisation creates magic!
— Kirri Romero & the Online Fix

Meet my client, the talented Sally Feeney, Sally Feeney Interior Design

Sally is the principal design talent driving her  successful interior design practice. Sally sees interior spaces like no other. Check out her work at 

Kirri is my go to digital help guru. She has helped me fine-tune my website and instigated other avenues for my digital presence. The best outcome is that I am now consistently generating quality leads from online. Kirri makes light work of all things digital and takes the stress out of this necessary part of business marketing.
— Sally Feeney, Sally Feeney Interior Design